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Beaujolais Nouveau, a red letter day the world over

Thanks to a legislative decisions in 1951 that allowed the anticipated release on to the market on the one hand and to the Gamy noir à Jus Blanc grape's characteristics that allow the crafting of tasty Nouveau wines on the other, Beaujolais Nouveau very quickly took on an international flavour. Today it makes up over half of the Beaujolais enjoyed outside France, all appellations together.

In the top ranks of the im-porting countries are Japan, The United States and Germany. The fruit of the winemakers and brokers' will to expand the winemaking region's scope, as well as the commitment of professional and amateur Beaujolais-lovers who are attached to friendly feel of this popular wine, the release of Beaujolais Nouveau is today a planetary event. With it the whole world makes a date every third Thursday of November at 0.00 hours, for the only international popular celebration that is dedicated to wine.