14 good reasons to visit the Beaujolais region


The Beaujolais region has so much to offer! Wine and festivals are of course what first come to mind when you think of this wonderful corner of France, but it’s also a great and original destination where families, couples, walkers and food and wine enthusiasts can discover the many faces of this region.

Still not sure? Well, see what you think once you’ve read these 14 good reasons to take a short break in the Beaujolais...

1. Discover new, not just Nouveaux wines

The Beaujolais region produces a surprising range of different wines, in red, but also in white and rosé. Not just Beaujolais Nouveaux as you might think!

12 other appellations, all AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) wines, including 10 crus are just crying out to be discovered by your taste buds. Ok, just for you here’s the list of wines, in alphabetical order of course: Beaujolais, Beaujolais Villages, Brouilly, Chénas, Côte de Brouilly, Chiroubles, Fleurie, Juliénas, Morgon, Moulin-à-Vent, Régnié and Saint-Amour. And there you have them!


2. Stock your cellar with outstanding wines

Maybe you have a wine cellar that you’d like to stock with unusual wines that express a wide variety of terroirs? No problem! Beaujolais also does cellaring wines! You’ll have plenty of opportunity to talk wine with winegrowers and wine merchants in the region who can recommend a particular Moulin-à-Vent, Morgon, Juliénas or Chénas, amongst others.


3. Explore the Pierres Dorées

The Beaujolais region gets its picturesque charm from the Pierre Dorées (Golden Stones) above all else. 39 villages are built in this yellow ochre stone that reflects the sunlight and gives the buildings their wonderfully warm and luminous hues.

There are some delightful walks awaiting you in Charnay , Marcy-sur-Anse, Theizé, Abresle, Saint-Jean-des-Vignes and Oingt.

You can also listen here : Free audioguides Zevisit about : Marcy,  Theizé,  l'Arbresle,  Saint-Jean-des-Vignes,  Oingt.


4. Try out local produce from the Lyon region

Beaujolais wines are a perfect match for the culinary specialties. Stop off in a friendly Bistrot Beaujolais and enjoy a unique culinary experience with coq au vin prepared with Juliénas, white pudding with Fleurie, sausage cooked in Beaujolais-Villages or pear poached in Brouilly.  Tasty!

5. Go to the wine markets

As one of the wine capitals of France, Beaujolais has plenty of wine faires and markets! They’re places where winegrowers love talking to people about their work, their passion and their vintages. You can try the different appellations and take home with you some bottles of wine, each with their own story to tell...


6. Celebrate the Beaujolais Nouveaux

On the 3rd Thursday in November, the whole of France is buzzing as Beaujolais Nouveaux arrive in the bars, restaurants and on people’s tables!  Across France, it’s often an occasion to get together with friends and celebrate the new vintage with a good bottle! Just imagine how huge the celebrations are in the region where Beaujolais is actually produced!

Local villages are decked out in banners and pennants, and there are barrels and stands where everyone can share a glass of wine with their neighbors and winemakers. It’s the social occasion par excellence, and it really should be on your bucket list of things to do.


7. Visit the wine cellars

From vine growing to the harvest and winemaking process, everything is done in a particular way in the Beaujolais. Beaujolais winegrowers are delighted to welcome visitors to their cellars and tell you more about how these wines, each the product of very different terroirs, are made.


8. Take a journey back into history

The Beaujolais region has a very diverse and varied history and there are plenty of monuments and castles to visit. History enthusiasts will love strolling around the medieval towns and visiting ramparts, chapels, historic gates and statues from another age.

Listen to : the free Zevisit audioguides in Beaujeu and Vaux-en-Beaujolais. And also the tour "Château life in Beaujolais"


9. Picnic on Mont Brouilly

Mont Brouilly’s hilltop summit stands at 484 m above sea level and looks down on the Beaujolais vineyards. It offers a unique view of the entire region...A magical, romantic moment where you can linger with a picnic on one of the picnic tables provided!

Listen to : the free Zevisit audioguides at Mont-Brouilly.


10. Discover the heroic vines 

Beaujolais vine stock grow on steep slopes, braving difficult conditions to give the best of themselves and create grapes that will produce well-structured wines, with a taste imprinted with the terroir.

Beaujolais takes on a whole new dimension when you discover the slopes and hillsides where they grow!


11. Visit the Maison du Terroir Beaujolais 

If you’d like to find out more about the history of the region, visit the Maison du Terroir Beaujolais, which takes you on a gourmet tour of the 12 appellations. It’s also a good opportunity to discover the knowledge and skills of the artisans who make the wine as well as a few winemaking secrets... An interactive, sensory experience for the whole family!

More information : see the website of la Maison du terroir beaujolais.


12. A romantic getaway in Saint-Amour 

Couples can enjoy a romantic break in and around Saint-Amour-Bellevue. It’s a municipality that lives and breathes coupledom...Stay in the Auberge du Paradis and dine by candlelight in the famous restaurant “Au 14 Février” while trying the famous Saint-Amour cru of course!


13. Enjoy the peace and quiet of the natural surroundings 

If you want to escape from city life, the Beaujolais region is just the place for you! Surrounded by the Massif Central and the hilly countryside of the Lyon area with its peaceful villages and green rolling hills, it’s the ideal place to recharge your batteries. Imagine a break far from the hubbub of the city, far from your day to day worries...


14. Go for a walk in the Beaujolais 

Keen walkers will love the rolling hills of the Beaujolais region that are excellent for themed, wine-related walks. Get fit as you discover the vineyards that shape this region, the charming villages in the Pierre Dorées area, the medieval remains or just the greenery and the countryside.


The Beaujolais region awaits!

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