Beaujolais delicacies


The Beaujolais region is known not only for its wines but also for its delicacies, called “gourmanderies” in the region; these delicious specialties are a wonderful accompaniment for a glass of wine... Beaujolais of course. 

When you next visit the Beaujolais vineyards, take the time to investigate the local produce used in Beaujolais cuisine and enjoy trying it out! Here are some of the delicacies that you should really try.

Charcuterie Bobosse, authentic local produce

For the past fifty years, Charcuterie Bobosse and Beaujolais wines have been inextricably linked. Charcuterie Bobosse is a real institution here and its particular specialty is hand-tied chitterling sausages.

The shop also sells other tasty specialties like sausages for cooking, sabodet (pig’s head sausage), cured sausages, terrines and black pudding so you can rustle up some great meals to accompany your glass of Beaujolais Villages, Brouilly or Chiroubles.

While you’re there, ask them for their recipe for sausages in grape marc, a very popular winegrowers’ recipe often cooked at the end of the harvest. To make it, you’ll need some “paradis”, the local name for fermented freshly pressed grape juice, and some marc, the remains of the grapes after pressing, which you can get from winegrowers at harvest time.  Sausages in grape marc is a very popular “gourmanderie” throughout the Beaujolais region in autumn.


The many wonders of Villefranche market

The covered market in Villefranche-sur-Saône is a central part of life in the town, popular with traders and locals for its vast food hall with over 80 different stands. 

It’s a great place to find fresh local ingredients from around the Beaujolais region to cook up some great dishes to enjoy, as always, with a glass of Beaujolais wine.


Farm cheeses from Saint-Nizier d'Azergues or Avenas

You’ve bought the charcuterie for your starter and some delicious produce from the market, now it’s time to think about the cheese!

The Anneau D’or dairy in Saint-Nizier d’Azergues is located in the heart of the Beaujolais pastures and they breed their own goats and cows in a spacious grass-rich environment.  The animals produce excellent quality milk that makes melt-in the-mouth cheeses. 

You can contact the owners to organize a tour of the farm and to buy some local cheeses, excellent with a Beaujolais Nouveau wine, for example.


Scrumptious Tarare chocolates

Dessert time with a cocoa-based “gourmanderie” from Tarare, a town in the Beaujolais region that is really worth a visit, mainly for its delicate mousselines and other amazing chocolates.

There have been artisanal chocolate makers in Tarare for over thirty years and their unparalleled craftsmanship makes for great tasting chocolates.  The sweet delicacies produced in Tarare are a fantastic treat after a hard day spent working or touring the vineyards.  The town's chocolate makers are definitely not lacking in imagination and creativity, and are constantly coming up with new and surprising creations.

Be tempted by the chocolate-coated raisins, a flagship product in the Beaujolais region... Great with a glass of Saint-Amour or Fleurie!


Beaujolais’ cuisine is simple and tasty, with the accent on great local produce.  Luckily, there’s plenty of it in amongst the vineyards: all kinds of pork products, cheeses, cardoons, Chiroubles turnips, farmhouse bread, blackcurrants, saffron, chocolates... plenty to bring out the best in the range of 12 Beaujolais appellations. You can find all these delicacies in the Bistrots Beaujolais all round France, as well as in the traditional Lyon ‘bouchons’.

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