Beaujolais wines from aperitifs to desserts!


Forget the stereotypes! No, Beaujolais isn’t just an aperitif wine or a wine to serve with charcuterie-based meals. Actually, Beaujolais wines have plenty of surprises up their sleeve. With a varied choice of flavors, you’ll easily find the perfect bottle to accompany every course from starter to dessert. Read on...

Beaujolais and Beaujolais-Villages

These two flagship Beaujolais appellations are the perfect match for the culinary specialties of the region where they are produced. Gentle and low in tannins, these particular wines are wonderful with meat dishes like brains, sausage, a local tripe dish called tablier de sapeur and terrines.

What’s even more surprising is that they are light enough to be drunk with raw fish and cold seafood. Scallop terrine, salmon tartare, tuna sashimi, maki and sushi can all be served with a Beaujolais or a Beaujolais-Villages. Guaranteed to surprise your guests!

These appellations also love cheese. They bring fruity notes to Brillat-Savarin, Saint-Marcellin and Beaufort.


Chiroubles, Fleurie and Saint-Amour

Even if these 3 wines have certain differences, they all offer a fruity, generous structure that is an ideal match for recipes that grandma used to make. For a meal made with local produce where old-fashioned recipes are the order of the day, they are just perfect .

These gentle Beaujolais wines bring freshness to Basque-style chicken, farm-bred poultry, veal tajine or cassoulet.

To finish off a meal in style, try Chiroubles, Fleurie or Saint-Amour with a tasty apple tart.


Brouilly, Côte de Brouilly, Juliénas and Régnié

These Beaujolais wines with their characteristic robustness need simple cuisine to bring out the best in them. Their intense fruitiness and spicy notes perfectly complement farmhouse terrine, pig’s trotters or grilled red meat.

In summer, these crus are great pairings with mixed salads from all over France: niçoise, vosgienne, franc-comtoise, lyonnaise, gersoise or provençale!

To round off your menu, create a cheese board with Gouda, Cheddar, Saint-Félicien and Tomme de Savoie.


Chénas, Morgon and Moulin-à-Vent

These Beaujolais cellaring wines stand out for their noticeable ripe red-fruit aromas. With age, they take on spicy and woody notes that need to be matched with strongly flavored meat.

Tournedos, prime rib, or lamb shank are absolutely delicious with the distinguished bouquets of one of these wines!


Beaujolais-based recipes

What if you used Beaujolais as one of the ingredients in your dishes? Create a new take on well-known sauces by pouring in a little Beaujolais; you’ll find out how delicious it is!

Coq au vin with Juliénas is a rare and powerful taste combination, wild boar belly is even tastier marinated in the intense fruity aromas of Côte de Brouilly, duck fillet in a Regnié sauce  whisks you to the very heart of the Beaujolais terroir and red mullet with Chiroubles will no doubt surprise one or two people.

For dessert, go for freshness with a Beaujolais granita or spoil yourself with dark chocolate cake with Saint-Amour.


Ovens at the ready!


On, find all our recipes to eat with one of the12 Beaujolais appellations.

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