Beaujolais wines in their summer colours


The summer heat is here, the barbecue set emerges from the shed and it's time for aperitifs and al fresco dinners.

It’s the perfect moment to fetch a bottle of Beaujolais from your cellar. Here are some tips for choosing the best wine for summer dishes.

What do we look for in a summer wine? It needs to be refreshing of course!

The tendency is to go for a white or a rosé.

And that's where you probably say, there's no such thing in the Beaujolais region! Well, you couldn't be more wrong! You’ll love the Beaujolais and Beaujolais Villages wines.

These two appellations also exist in white and rosé. However, they are less well-known than the reds and harder to find because they only account for 4% of the region’s total wine production.

So if you do happen to come across a bottle, grab the opportunity. They are perfect with starters like quiche Provencal or sardine chartreuse marinated in olive oil and lemon for example, or with scallops and even an exotic fruit tiramisu to liven up your dessert!


Reds and cru wines bring out the best in barbecues… and desserts

But in the meantime don't forget the reds. Beaujolais Villages reds for example are very refreshing wines with red fruit notes and hints of spices, making them very lively. They are excellent with tapas or grilled stuffed peppers.

Cru wines like Brouilly, Côte de Brouilly, Juliénas, Chiroubles and Régnié freshen up your palate when accompanying grilled red meat or a farmhouse terrine.

Beaujolais crus are also a perfect match with mixed salads or with desserts like sorbet, red fruit crumble and walnut tart.


Be bold and go for Beaujolais Nouveau

Finally if you like to be a bit different, you can keep some Beaujolais Nouveau and Beaujolais Villages Nouveau wines for the following summer. Beaujolais Nouveau wines are equally good with charcuterie for an aperitif with friends or with seafood or fish tartare as the starter for a summer dinner.

And the icing on the cake: Beaujolais primeur wines also come in rosé, perfect with seafood, fish terrines, exotic dishes and seasonal sorbets!



Take a look at our infographic : Beaujolais Food & Wine pairings

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