Brouilly appellation : typically French charm


Brouilly is the flagship wine of the Lyon region and its vineyards are the most extensive in the Beaujolais winegrowing area. It has been an appellation d’origine controlee since 1938. Brouilly expresses a wealth of incredible flavors that appeal to amateur wine lovers and oenology experts alike.

Wines produced where several terroirs meet

Produced at the crossover of four different terroirs, Brouilly wines draw their bouquet of flavors from a particularly rich soil of pink granite, marlstone and blue limestone.

The vines that produce this exceptional wine cover a surface area of over 1,300 hectares. Annual production is 8.2 million bottles and is exported around the world.

Overlooked by Mont Brouilly, the Brouilly vineyards attract millions of visitors every year on the Beaujolais Wine Route. Tourists marvel at the steep slopes where the vines are grown in the municipalities of Quincié-en-Beaujolais, Odenas, Cercié, Saint-Lager, Charentay and Saint-Étienne-la-Varenne.

Brouilly is one of the most highly reputed Beaujolais crus both internationally and within France. It is the most popular wine in chic Parisian brasseries!


A wine for all the senses

Brouilly wines are a pleasure for the eye, nose and mouth. Their ruby red robe is generally fringed with shades of violet. Swirl it round in your glass to really appreciate the purple tints and admire its luminosity!

On the nose, this Beaujolais cru releases mature red fruit aromas. Breathe in the aromas bit by bit to whet your appetite.

On the mouth, this wine with its typically French charm combines elegance with finesse. The tannins melt, giving way to fruity aromas and floral delights. Mineral notes add the perfect finishing touch to this wonderful jaunt into the heart of Brouilly wines.


A perfect wine to accompany typical French dishes

The reason this wine is so popular in Paris is because it is a perfect pairing for the dishes that have made French gastronomy famous.

A Brouilly wine is the traditional accompaniment for braised Bresse poultry served with a few roast potatoes. This Beaujolais cru is also excellent for drinks parties and can be served with sweet potato, eggplant caviar, beetroot, creamed ham or split pea verrines.

Finally, a bottle of Brouilly can take you right to the end of a meal because it is also good match for soft cheeses with a mold rind like Camembert, Brie and Coulommiers.


The finesse and elegance of Brouilly wines make them perfect accompaniments for meals with friends and family. Served as an aperitif or throughout the meal, a bottle of this iconic Beaujolais cru with its typically French charm is a wine to be drunk again and again!


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