Chiroubles appellation : infinitely gourmet


Chiroubles... This Beaujolais wine with the unusual name owes its ruby red robe and floral tones to the expertise of 80 wine growers, who look after their vine plants every single day. Chiroubles vines grow at between 250 and 450 meters above sea level and are bathed daily in sunshine, which gives them the delicious taste that is instantly recognizable.

A wine where Gamay is at its best

Its ideal location on the high ground helps the Gamay grape to develop. The taste of this traditional Beaujolais wine grape variety is enhanced by the rays of the sun that are absorbed into the heart of the grapes.

Red fruit notes reinforce its impression in the mouth and produce a delicate wine that can be kept for several years. This is surprising because wines that are delicate when they are very young, rarely make good cellaring wines. Normally, only crus with a particularly marked character, formed by tannins or acidity, grace the shelves in cellars. But here Gamay reveals the full extent of its potential. Chiroubles can be drunk straight away or laid down for a while to allow it to become softer and fruitier still.

For two or three years after the harvest or even five years for certain cuvees, the bouquet will continue to evolve and blossom, making it even more of a gourmet treat when it is finally opened...


A wine that blossoms in the sun

Chiroubles wines are characteristically full of finesse , with tannins that give way to floral and fruity notes. The softness of the wine comes from the granitic sand terroir of Chiroubles and optimal sunshine hours.

Stretched out on a beach, soaking up the sun is the perfect recipe for contented grapes. In fact, they like this exceptional environment so much that they enjoy it a week longer than other vines.

Yes, the Chiroubles harvest takes place a week later than other Beaujolais wines!


A perfect wine for an evening with friends

Although Chiroubles has a mellow bouquet, it is a wine that will delight every palate! Men and women, connoisseurs and amateurs particularly appreciate this appellation for evenings with friends where animated discussion and pre-dinner drinks make a perfect combination.

Chiroubles wines take pride of place at a dinner with close friends enjoying a get-together around a plate of charcuterie in the winter or at a summer barbecue.

This Beaujolais wine is the perfect match for verrines, scallop carpaccio, aspic, frog’s legs and grilled meat. Try one of the matches at your next dinner party!

It’s also great for drinking on its own wit nothing more than friends and family for accompaniment.

Chiroubles reveals its nature from the very first look at its color. The purplish tones, even of the young wine, make this gourmet wine look appetizing. It’s a wine that fills the mouth with a bouquet of flowers and red fruit. Supple and elegant, its superb fruitiness makes it accessible when young, and certain cuvees destined for cellaring reveal all the complexity that this appellation is capable of, making it perfect for wine lovers looking for a warm, convivial wine.