Régnié appellation: Wines with the wow-factor!


The work of 120 wine growers, Régnié is the youngest of the Beaujolais crus! In fact, it wasn’t until 1988 that this appellation was officially recognised. But the baby of the family has got a lot to offer. Its favourable geographical location, in between its two brothers, Brouilly and Morgon, produces wines of a unique fruitiness.

For those who would like to know more about the universe of wines, Régnié wines remain affordable and are an excellent way to gain a better understanding of Beaujolais crus.

A wine-growing history

Régnié wines didn’t wait to achieve AOC status to be sold and appreciated! This charming municipality with its magnificent double-spired church designed by the architect who built Notre-Dame de Fourvière basilica, nestles on the road to the Loire Valley.

Its strategic location meant that its wines were easy to sell even as far off as Paris, and Régnié wines have been sold from the 18th century onwards. The elegant fruitiness from a Gamay grape that draws its resources from mature terroirs makes for a wine that is enjoyed by all palates, even the most discerning ones.


An aromatic and gourmet wine

The secret of the success of Régnié wines is their gourmandize, which is apparent even when the wine is very young. However, foodies who prefer more tannic, structured crus, will  also find what they are looking for if they leave this wine to age for a few years.

In fact, this Beaujolais cru gets all its originality from the way it ages. If you’re taking your first steps in the world of wine, buy two bottles of Régnié. Drink one straight away to start learning how to recognize its red and black fruit aromas. You’ll enjoy a supple, fruity wine with a good mouth length.

As for the second bottle, keep it in the dry at a temperature of 12°C. Carry on learning about wine and only open it 4 or 5 years later. Your trained palate and the blossoming of the Régnié will allow you to enjoy a wine with refined, melting tannins, noticeable red fruit aromas and delicate mineral and spicy notes.


A wine for your tapas evenings

Thanks to their freshness and affordability, Régnié wines are the perfect accompaniment for evenings with friends. It’s also a good opportunity to introduce your friends and family to wine tasting with this delicious wine that reveals its secrets with the first sip.

This Beaujolais cru will brighten up your drinks parties, where you can serve it with charcuterie, cheese and tapas. But don’t think of Régnié as just an aperitif wine! After it has been kept for several years, it is also a good match for leg of rabbit or duck, red mullet filet and spare rib.


Finish with a chocolate delight, preferably decorated with red fruits, to perfectly set off the wine’s fruity bouquet and close the meal in a blaze of glory!


See on Beaujolais.com : the video about the AOC Régnié

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