Saint-Amour appellation: Warm, intense reds


Celebrating love and being in love is very much in the air where Saint-Amour is produced. As well as producing a gentle and multi-facetted red wine, this charming small town in the Beaujolais region celebrates Cupid on every street corner.

It is with a light heart that you will discover this adorable appellation: Saint-Amour.

A wine that’s half-angel, half-demon

Delicately pampered by fifty devoted winegrowers, Saint-Amour draws its emotional depth from the variety of soils in the terroir. Despite what its name suggests, it’s not all gentleness emanating from the bottles.

This famous  Beaujolais cru  is by turns angel and demon. Depending on the vinification process, Saint-Amour wines can be light and fruity or well-structured and tannic.

For the first type, the maceration time is short, bringing to the fore the fruitiness and vivacity of this delicate wine.

For the second type, the tannins develop more and reinforce the balanced bouquet with eau-de-vie and spice notes. Saint-Amour wine produced in this way is at its best and most intense after 5 years. However, this doesn’t stop you from drinking it before or after, it all depends what you are looking for in a wine.

Tenderness or passion...Each couple chooses which kind of Saint-Amour they prefer to drink on Valentine’s Day.


A village that sings an ode to love

Everything about this appellation is reminiscent of the intense feelings of a passionate love affair.

The municipality itself is very much about romance, with its statue of the legionnaire Saint-Amor near the church, a town hall that is the venue for many weddings and hotels and restaurants with evocative names like the "Auberge du Paradis", "Ô Coeur du Paradis" and "Au 14 Février".

It’s no coincidence that a quarter of Saint-Amour wines are drunk on Valentine’s Day


An all year round companion

Although its name means that it attracts particular attention on the 14th February, Saint-Amour is actually drunk all year round. Young Saint-Amour wines are good aperitif wines or accompaniments for summer dishes like barbecues, Mediterranean vegetable tarts, carpaccio or cold verrines.

In autumn this famous Beaujolais cru, the version that has had a long maceration, brings an added dash to your pumpkin purée, veal risotto, tomato crumble or pork filet mignon.

As for the winter, it warms hearts when served with guineafowl, stuffed turkey and poulard in gravy.


Saint-Amour wines caress your palate with a harmonious and fleshy bouquet. Tender and distinguished by turns this famous Beaujolais cru is your faithful year-round companion.