Video : AOC Brouilly


Hello! Today’s Beaujolais Moment that I want to share with you is in Brouilly, amongst the vines of one of the 10 Beaujolais crus.

Here we are in front of the lovely Pierreux château. It’s a 13th century fortified house. It’s just one of the many beautiful residences you’ll come across as you travel around the region. The vines are right by the château. Let’s go.

These are the Brouilly vines surrounding Mont Brouilly over there.

Only red wine is made here. It’s a fruity, sophisticated wine that is generally drunk between 2 and 5 years old. But it ages very well too. Easily 10 years or more!

It goes well with Bresse poultry, during the festive season, for example. For me, it’s a great wine to drink in the spring with huge bowls of salad and barbecued meat.

Brouilly is an enjoyable wine that is often seen in Parisian bistros and brasseries. But it’s also served in luxury hotels and big-name restaurants like Fouquet’s, where it’s been on the wine list for years!

In other words, expect the unexpected with Brouilly wines!