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Hello! Today we’re in Régnié-Durette for another Beaujolais Moment with the most recent of the region’s 10 crus.

Behind me is Régnié-Durette’s village church. It looks a bit like Lyon’s Notre-Dame de Fourvière Cathedral. In fact, both buildings were designed by the same architect.  The church is right in the middle of the vines and naturally became the landmark of Régnié wines when they became an AOC in 1988.

Before AOC certification, the wines produced here were already very popular with wine merchants. In part because the local terroir is very good for wine growing. The soil contains up to 70% sand and is close to the Morgon-producing area to the north and the Brouilly area to the south.

Nowadays, Régnié wines are aged to produce a unique fruitiness with fine tannins and a good length on the palate.

It’s a red wine best drunk young but can be kept for up to 5 years. It traditionally accompanies leg of rabbit, duck, or red mullet fillet. A tip: try it with picnics, as an aperitif or for tapas evenings.


Read on : the article about the AOC Régnié

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