Video : AOC Saint-Amour


Hello! I’ve got a sentimental Beaujolais Moment lined up for you today because I’m in Saint-Amour.

Everything exudes romance here. Starting with the name of the village, Saint-Amour, which comes from a man called Amor. He was a Roman legionnaire. His statue is next to the church. Weddings are held in the nearby town hall all year round.

The restaurants here have names like Au 14 février and Auberge du Paradis. Romance is well and truly on the menu here!

The full name of the municipality is Saint-Amour-Bellevue. The view is indeed magnificent. We’re 20km south of Maçon, at the northern access point to the Beaujolais Wine Route.

Two different types of wine are produced here. A shorter maceration period produces light, aromatic wines for drinking shortly after the harvest. A longer maceration period produces more structured, tannic wines that can be kept for 4 to 5 years.

Saint-Amour is of course the wine for St. Valentine’s. Nearly a quarter of the production is drunk on 14 February. But try it too with autumn dishes like risotto or pumpkin purée. You’ll appreciate its gentle, harmonious features.