Video : Castles in the Beaujolais region


Welcome ! A Beaujolais Moment on châteaux. I want to show you that they exist here too.

Beaujolais is ideal for discovering wine and heritage sites.

Starting with country houses and châteaux. There are almost 300. Châteaux were often built with a vineyard.

Most were built between the 10th and 14th centuries. They are the region’s historical markers.

From mediaeval strongholds to 19th-century industrialists’ castles, some have formal gardens. They are always impressively conserved.

Many have been revamped or restored over the centuries. Some in the picturesque style of the 19th century. Many are listed historic monuments.

Some are inhabited and others are workplaces. Châteaux and wine estates frequently go hand in hand. The wine often pays for the heritage upkeep.

Some also offer quality accommodation. A way of extending a warm Beaujolais welcome, and perpetuating the region’s history
and heritage.

Quite a responsibility!

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