Video : Golden Stones in Beaujolais (Les Pierres Dorées)


Hello, this Beaujolais Moment is in Pierres Dorées country. I’ve brought my camera. You’ll see why.

We are in the south of the Beaujolais area, where the eye is drawn to the stones as well as the vines. Most buildings here are in light ochre-coloured stone. Châteaux, houses, churches,  wash houses and walls.

When the sun appears, they take on orange, yellow, red and pink hues. It all depends on the quarry  they came from. 

This superb stone is called ‘pierre dorée’ or in the old days ‘pierre jaune’. The stone is coloured by iron oxides and is easy to work. So is widely used in Lyon and the Beaujolais region.

The 39 golden stone villages in valleys and on gentle slopes, give Pierres Dorées a Tuscan feel.

The paths and trails are great for strolling and artistic inspiration.

On some walks you’ll come across a cadole, as locals call it. A dry-stone winegrowers’ hut. I’m told the best ones are here in Pierres Dorées.

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