Video : Tasting a Beaujolais


Today, our Beaujolais moment is about wine tasting. Let’s go !

There are many wines in the Beaujolais region, from fruity primeurs to more full-bodied wines. Reds but also whites and rosés. For aperitifs, a main meal or with dessert. Try tasting the wine, before tucking into the food.

- Hello Jennifer

- Hello

- You’re the sommelier here. What is the best way to enjoy a Beaujolais?

- No need for anything special. Just two wine glasses, so the wine doesn’t warm up too fast. The right temperature is essential. Not too cool for reds, even the primeurs. Then make sure all your senses are on alert.

First, sight. Look at the colour to see if it is light or dark. It indicates the age of the wine. If it’s young or older. With experience, you can tell one cru from another.

Next is smell. Swirl the wine in your glass, it aerates and gently releases its aromas.Then smell it, and identify smells from memory: red fruits, spices, flowers.

And finally, taste. A first sip to arouse your taste buds and another to appreciate the wine. 

- And now enjoy your meal  and the great company !