Bistrots Beaujolais guide book 2017 is out !


Just out: the 2017 Bistrots Beaujolais guide book!

296 restaurants passed the stringent selection criteria set out by juries made up of members from the Inter Beaujolais and the Beaujolais Chamber of Commerce and Industry, becoming ambassadors of the region and its wines.

In these haunts, you will find the very soul of the Beaujolais vineyard that you will find from Paris to New-York, via Lyon, Villefranche, Brussels, Amsterdam or London.

Whether it’s in a ‘Bouchon’ in Lyon, in a traditional French brasserie, in a wine bar or in a starred restaurant, you are sure to find delicious wine and food matches and great vibes.
As the ambassadors of an exceptional winemaking realm, each will unveil their personal favourite or “love at first sip” wines within each of the 12 Beaujolais appellations.
Why hesitate! Go on in!

Bistrots Beaujolais guide book 2017

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