2018 Vintage : Ripening Status n°3


Harvesting to begin next week in earliest-ripening Beaujolais areas

Based on the latest data gathered by the Réseau Maturation from over 230 plots, veraison is almost over in the earliest-ripening Beaujolais areas.

Harvesting should begin gradually starting Monday, August 27th for both the Gamay and Chardonnay grape varieties. It will be more spread out over time than usual – with about a two-week difference between the early-ripening and late-ripening areas – leaving ample time for picking and vinification.   Nevertheless, in vineyards where harvesting is mainly done by hand, this will require managing the workforce perfectly.     

In recent years, there have been a series of "early-ripening" vintages; as such, 2018 is, in terms of dates, in keeping with 2017, 2015 and 2011 as well as 2009.

The kick-off for this year's harvesting will be benefiting from an especially favorable context: an excellent state of health, very dry soil and a weather forecast that looks gentle for the next fortnight...As of today, all systems are go for producing great Beaujolais wines in 2018!

Since there have been no weather incidents spoiling the harvest potential, we're looking at a scenario of equal harvests, from north to south, in terms of quantity.

This little helping hand from Mother Nature has come along at just the right time as the Beaujolais region launches its new strategy and starts its positive swing.   

The 2000 Beaujolais Estates and Wineries are currently sharpening their grape clippers! The heavens have done their job and now it's the growers' turn to demonstrate their know-how with their hands, head and heart, in a three-part challenge, like the Beaujolais strategy, aimed at turning these superb grapes into great wines, whether a Fun Beaujolais, a Beaujolais of Character or an Exceptional Beaujolais!

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