2018 vintage, ripening update n°1


Vines thriving in flawless state of health.

Since January, the Beaujolais grapes have enjoyed close-to-perfect weather conditions: lots of sun and ideal rainfall. Each of the vine's growth cycles has proceeded without a hitch and in bright sunshine.

Flowering occurred smoothly and quickly (in 6 days compared to 10 days on average), ending around June 3rd, i.e. 3 days earlier than in 2017.

After a warm, sunny month of June, the bunch closure stage was reached around June 27th, on average, like in 2011. 

As of today, the initial signs of veraison have been reported as underway in the most advanced plots.

These ripening reports are gearing us up for an early harvest, with grape picking in early September.

A quick visit to the vineyards and the findings are undeniable… the grapevines are splendid and the vineyards are in a flawless state of health. The regular rainfall in the springtime led to very functional, green foliage, which will allow the grapes to ripen nicely. 

To date, the ideal conditions have enabled growers to tackle the future harvest with peace of mind. Let’s cross our fingers that no weather hazards come and spoil the upcoming harvest that promises to provide a highly successful vintage, in both quality and quantity. 

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