2019 vintage update


Moderate in quantity, ambitious in quality

This year has hardly been restful for the growers: spells of frost in the Spring, drought, and several hailstorms disrupted the vineyard. Due to those climate hazards, the 2019 vintage is currently displaying substantial diversity, from the north to the south. The harvest is small – half the size of the previous vintage – leading to a yield 25% lower than the last 5-year average. 
Despite everything, the first wines tasted in the cellars herald a promising vintage. The August rainfall supplied the vines with water. Consequently, grapes finished maturing in favourable conditions and were picked ripe, with pleasant natural acidity. They were in good health, providing a nice sugar level, balanced out by precious acidity. With this vintage, which was neither early nor extremely late, the grapes are full of freshness – the freshness we’re so fond of finding in the Beaujolais Gamay grapes. Its aging potential will be attractive and the wines luminous.

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