Beaujolais continues its conquest of export markets


The rise of export sales of Beaujolais that began in 2016 sees its progress continue in 2017. Representing 40% of sales by volume, export remains a strategic market for the wines of Beaujolais.

The statistics compiled by Business France from French Customs data speak for themselves:  + 5.7% in volume and + 7.8% in value at the end of 2017 (compared to 2016).

Although Europe represents 35% of export sales in volume and 29% in value, overseas exports remain at the top of the league at 65% of total volumes exported and 71% in value.

Very good results are noticeable in Europe (+11% in volume and +14% in value), particularly the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and Belgium. 

Overseas exports also demonstrate excellent growth (+3% in volume and +5.5% in value), principally to the United States and China (+Hong-Kong).


These great results illustrate an undeniable upsurge of interest in Beaujolais wines in export markets.  And this growth is not entirely unrelated to the dynamic and highly targeted marketing strategy that Inter Beaujolais has implemented over the last few years, covering press relations, lobbying, education, digital coms, etc. 


Our 5 biggest export markets today are: the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom in the top three, closely followed by Canada, China + Hong-Kong and Belgium.


  • The United States.

The momentum initiated in 2015 continues, with a progression of 12.5% in value and +7.5% in volume. The United States of America are now our premier export market in volume, ahead of Japan This growth has benefitted all of the Beaujolais AOPs, in volume and in value.  

Beaujolais Nouveaux: +7.5% vol / +12% in value

Beaujolais: +6.4% vol / +0.7% in value

Beaujolais Villages: +5.6% vol/ +11% in value

Crus: +11% in volume / +20% in value


  • Japan 

The Nouveaux wines, which represent some 94% of sales experienced a drop of 7.7% in volume and 7.5% in value, leading effectively to a global fall in exported volumes of 7%. Although in second place on the podium, Japan remains a historic market that is crucial to the wine producers of Beaujolais.


  • The United Kingdom

With + 24% in volume and + 21% in value, the United Kingdom has shown the strongest growth of all our larger export markets.

This dynamism is carried by very strong increases observed in sales of both Beaujolais Nouveaux and non Nouveaux. Strong performance on the part of the Crus is to be noted (42% of sales in volume and 56% in value) with sales progressing by 7.2% in volume and 10.3% in value. 


  • Canada

Sales remain stable with +0.6% in volume and -3.6% in value thanks to the strong performance of the Beaujolais Nouveaux and the rosés. The Beaujolais Nouveaux (21% of sales) rose by +56,5% in volume and the rosés leapt by some 200% in volume. Fantastic numbers that counterbalance the fall in sales of Beaujolais (- 15%) and Crus (-20%).


  • China + Hong-Kong

+8,2% in volume, +15% in value.

China enters into the top 5 of our export markets, exceeding Belgium for the first time in volume.  Beaujolais Nouveaux (31% of sales) increased by 22% in volume and 6.6% in value, compensating for the the downturn in sales of Beaujolais (- 18,5%). As for the Crus, they now represent 17.5% of sales (against 9% in 2016) and have experienced an increase of 91% in volume and 87% in value.


  • Belgium

Sales of Beaujolais progressed 2.4% in volume in spite of a drop of 14% in Beaujolais Villages, compensated for by strong growth in the Crus (40% of sales in this market): + 36% in volume and +32% in value.


It’s all systems go for the “new generation” Beaujolais

Export sales of our wines has been on the ascendant for two years, creating an encouraging and very favourable new dynamic just at the moment when Beaujolais is reorienting its strategy.

Stay tuned.  

Press release Beauijolais and export markets
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