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  • Beaujolais Villages Nouveau Rosé

    Production : 100 hl / 13 000 bottles

  • Red Beaujolais Villages Nouveau

    Production 2014 : 80 000 hl / 11 millions de bouteilles

  • Red Beaujolais Villages

    Surface: 4 209 hectares

    Production in 2014: 199 321 hectolitres / approx. 26 576 000 bottles

    Soils: The land here is very steep, sometimes up to a 50% incline. The vines which cling to these slopes face east south east on granite and sandy soils with some volcanic sedimentary rock.

    : The ‘Villages’ red wines exist in a great diversity of fruity wines with more complexity and structure than the simple Beaujolais. They are harmonious, focussed and well-structured with expressive aromas of red fruits. They can be appreciated whilst young but also possess good ageing

    : These ruggedly steep vineyards, facing east south east at between 200 and 500 metres altitude, surround the 10 Crus of the northern area. There are as many terroirs as there are villages…. Falling between the Beaujolais and the Crus, this range can be appreciated young, or after several years bottle ageing.

  • Chénas

    Surface: 243 hectares

    Production in 2018: 12 020 hectolitres / approx. 1 500 000 bottles

    Soils: This is a terroir of great contrasts oriented west/ east. To the west are high and steep granite hills, whilst to the east the terrain becomes more gently sloping with its ancient alluvial soils and layers of small round river stones.

    Attributes: Distinctiveness and sophistication

    Aspect: Ruby red with garnet highlights

    Nose: Floral, with peony and rose, with nuances of spice

    Palate: Generous, full bodied and smooth

    Characteristics: This is the smallest appellation in Beaujolais. Its name is derived from the ancient oak forests that formerly covered the area, cut down by the galloromans and then by the local monks by order of Philippe V the Long. The vines stretch out over rolling hills and valleys, where the Gamay grape expresses notes of small black fruits, peony and spices underpinned by soft tannins.

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