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  • Grape picking in the Beaujolais: an authentic experience

    Ah, the grape harvests in the Beaujolais region! It’s a period of intense emotions, a time when 50,000 grape pickers, young and not quite so young, men and women, experienced and novices, from all over the world come to lend a very welcome and very necessary hand to the winegrowers!

    Everyone meets up early in the morning to make their way to their designated grape picking spot for the day. Their mission is to pick the best bunches of grapes!

  • Video : Heroic vines on the hillsides

    Hello, You need a head for heights for this Beaujolais Moment. We are on the steepest hillsides in the region.

  • Video : Soils in the Beaujolais region.

    Welcome to our Beaujolais moment ! Today is about soil types. Granite in the north and clayey limestone in the south. In fact, it’s more complicated than that.