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    Beaujolais Vintages

    Knowing the Beaujolais vintages

  • Beaujolais tuns

    Beaujolais tuns - seems like a rather strange concept, doesn’t it? But don’t worry, it’s not a misspelling for some kind of rare measurement of weight. A tun spelt with a ‘u’ is the place where most Beaujolais winegrowers store the majority of their cellaring wines for aging.

  • Heroic Beaujolais vines!

    Have you ever noticed the vines tumbling down the Beaujolais hillsides? These exceptional landscapes not only give the region its own unique charm but have also led to this very Beaujolais idea of “heroic wine growing.” Why “heroic”? Because you need to be pretty brave to work on these slopes. As the winegrowers themselves say, it’s hard work but it’s fascinating.  Once you’ve read this article, you’ll never again see Beaujolais vines in the same light.

  • Beaujolais delicacies

    The Beaujolais region is known not only for its wines but also for its delicacies, called “gourmanderies” in the region; these delicious specialties are a wonderful accompaniment for a glass of wine... Beaujolais of course. 

    When you next visit the Beaujolais vineyards, take the time to investigate the local produce used in Beaujolais cuisine and enjoy trying it out! Here are some of the delicacies that you should really try.