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  • Brouilly appellation : typically French charm

    Brouilly is the flagship wine of the Lyon region and its vineyards are the most extensive in the Beaujolais winegrowing area. It has been an appellation d’origine controlee since 1938. Brouilly expresses a wealth of incredible flavors that appeal to amateur wine lovers and oenology experts alike.

  • Beaujolais wines from aperitifs to desserts!

    Forget the stereotypes! No, Beaujolais isn’t just an aperitif wine or a wine to serve with charcuterie-based meals. Actually, Beaujolais wines have plenty of surprises up their sleeve. With a varied choice of flavors, you’ll easily find the perfect bottle to accompany every course from starter to dessert. Read on...

  • The Beaujolais appellation: Wonderful wines in a fabulous setting

    The Beaujolais appellation has officially existed since 1937! Since its creation it has mainly been known both in France and abroad for its young or primeur wines. Wines stamped AOC Beaujolais are rich in flavours, always ready to surprise you and are often the subject of passionate and heated debate.
    It's high time to shed light on the mystery surrounding this appellation, as well as challenging preconceptions about this emblematic French wine. Here is everything you always wanted to know about Beaujolais but didn’t dare ask!