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  • Beaujolais wines in their summer colours

    The summer heat is here, the barbecue set emerges from the shed and it's time for aperitifs and al fresco dinners.

    It’s the perfect moment to fetch a bottle of Beaujolais from your cellar. Here are some tips for choosing the best wine for summer dishes.

  • A white Beaujolais with its spring mini rolls !

    Here's a food and wine pairing for the Spring season : it's all about freshness! Well, nothing could be better than these spring mini rolls with a white Beaujolais  !

  • Celebrate with Beaujolais wines

    Winter is here, the festive season is just around the corner and your diary is filling up with family get-togethers and other parties. Whether you’ve got guests for lunch or dinner, there’s plenty to prepare. As well as devising the menu, you need to decide which wines to serve to accompany your dishes.

    This year, why not choose a Beaujolais wine? They are excellent accompaniment to festive meals, as you’ll see below...

  • Infographics:
    Beaujolais Food and Wine Pairings

    The 12 Beaujolais appellations offer a varied range of wines which, with their three colors, allow all kinds of wine and food pairings!

  • Beaujolais: the autumn collection est arrivée!

    The vines take on orange hues, landscapes in Pierres Dorées turn golden brown, girolle mushrooms put in an appearance in the woods and pumpkins peek out at you.

    Autumn is here with its procession of slow-cooked stews and casseroles that are going to require a well-chosen wine.

    Here are some tips to find the right Beaujolais wine for the season.

  • Beaujolais wines cold shoulder your fridge

    Beaujolais wines should not all be drunk at the same temperature. Slight differences in temperature and all five senses on alert are what you need to appreciate the finer points of these wines.