Bistrots Beaujolais , the essence of the vineyards from glass to plate


You’d love to try a great glass of fruity Beaujolais but you’re nowhere near the Beaujolais vineyards? Don't panic, that’s what Bistrots Beaujolais are for!

Beaujolais ambassadors

They are different establishments found throughout France and around the world that act as ambassadors for Beaujolais nectars. They also serve food and offer something for every taste and budget from brasseries to wine bars, auberges, Michelin-starred restaurants, “bouchons”, the typical Lyon restaurants, and of course bistrots!

They all share an unconditional love of Beaujolais that they declare all year round. They are proud representatives of the spirit and character of the Beaujolais winegrowing area.

Other points they have in common include a sense of friendliness and sociability, welcoming smiles and good humour.

Does this all sound a bit overblown? Well, actually it’s not. All these notions are objective criteria that are taken into account when awarding the Bistrot Beaujolais label.

All establishments awarded the label have to sign and agree to uphold the conditions of the Bistrot Beaujolais Charter. In so doing, they perpetuate traditional values, and the age-old idea of taking pleasure in food, wine and friendship that was the essence of traditional bistros.


300 Bistrots Beaujolais throughout the world

There are more than 300 ambassadors for the Beaujolais winegrowing area throughout the world: from New York to Lyon and Paris to Munich.

In all these establishments, Beaujolais wine is presented in its traditional receptacles: jugs or bottles. And they don’t just serve Beaujolais Nouveau wines but the entire range of wines produced in the Beaujolais winegrowing area, in other words the twelve appellations.

Behind the counter, they know a thing or two about good food and great service: customers will discover some surprising food and wine pairings.


A bit of history

The idea of Bistrots Beaujolais was born in Lyon in the 1950s. Henri Clos-Jouve and Marcel Grancher started up the “La Coupe des Meilleurs Pots“ (Best Jugs’ Cup) awarded to the bistrot that was best at serving quality Beaujolais wines in a sociable, friendly atmosphere.

The two men travelled to Paris to launch the idea on a grander scale. For 70 years, “La Coupe des Meilleurs Pots“ contest took place in Paris.

In 1995, Lyon regained the initiative by establishing a new network of bistros competing for “La Coupe Lyonnaise des Etonnants Beaujolais“

The Bistrots Beaujolais are heirs to this tradition and they all know how to recreate the party atmosphere that is very much a feature of the Beaujolais region, be they in France, Japan or the United States.

Feel free to share your opinions! There is now a special smartphone application for Beaujolais fans to be able to find one of these bistrots and leave a review.


Beaujolais wines are everybody's business, you too can become an ambassador after enjoying a meal with Beaujolais wine in one of the 300 Bistrots Beaujolais . Why not give it a go?

Bistrots Beaujolais Charter

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