The Beaujolais Vineyard, a Mosaic of Soils

The Beaujolais vineyard includes many different soils: more than 300 of them have been identified, making Beaujolais the French vineyard with the richest and most complex geology. Isabelle Letessier, Sigales, and Nicolas Besset, Rhône Chamber of Agriculture, tell us about this large-scale soil study carried out in Beaujolais.

Between 2009 and 2018, upon request of Inter Beaujolais, the Sigales soil study office carried out a colossal field study in partnership with the Rhône Chamber of Agriculture in order to establish a detailed cartography of the vineyard. This work has led to create a geological snapshot of the 12 appellations and has highlighted the exceptional richness of the Beaujolais soils.

Beaujolais winegrowers, estates and wine cooperatives now use these extremely precise maps to enhance their plot work.

In 2018, Beaujolais was classified UNESCO Global Geopark for its remarkable territory.

The Soils of Beaujolais : the film


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