Vine Growing Cycle

  • Vine awakening
  • Bud break
  • Vegetative growth
  • Flowering
  • Fruit set
  • Petit pois
  • Bunch closure
  • Veraison and lignification
  • Ripeness
  • Leaf fall
  • Dormancy
  • Vine awakening

    A new growth cycle begins.

  • Débourrement beaujolais

    Bud break

    The buds come out and begin to swell.

  • croissance végétative

    Vegetative growth

    Small green tips start to appear, made up of young shoots bearing leaves that spread and gradually get bigger. The future bunches are already visible at the base of the fruiting canes. They are called inflorescences.

  • floraison beaujolais


    is the blossoming of the flower at the end of spring. This period lasts 10 to 15 days. Each This is the inflorescence bud transforms into a grape berry

  • Fruit set

    The pollinated flowers turn into small green berries, that is fruit set.

  • Petit pois beaujolais

    Petit pois

    Under the weight of the grapes, the bunches begin to hang vertically.

  • Fermeture de la grappe beaujolais

    Bunch closure

    Little by little, the berries – future grapes – swell up to a size big enough to touch each other: that is called bunch closure.

  • véraison beaujolais

    Veraison and lignification

    The grapes change colours and the fruiting canes also go from green to brown. This marks the beginning of veraison and grape ripening, as well as cold hardening, or lignification, for the fruiting canes that have now become vine shoots (to get ready for winter).

  • Maturité Beaujolais


    The grapes reach ripeness. It’s time for harvesting!

  • chute feuille vigne beaujolais

    Leaf fall

    After donning in their best golden finery, the leaves start to fall.

  • dormance beaujoali


    The plant gets its fill of energy by transforming the chlorophyll absorbed through the vine leaves into starch, amino acids and mineral elements.

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