Beaujolais white wines

Although the vineyard is best known historically for producing red wines, white wines have taken root in the Beaujolais region now for many years. The region’s growers are eager for wine lovers to discover Beaujolais whites given how much they delight the taste buds.

Wines for connoisseurs

Beaujolais white wines are produced in the Beaujolais and Beaujolais Villages AOCs by nearly 500 of the region’s 3000 estates. About 2 million bottles are produced a year. Increasingly in demand by connoisseurs, the personality of these wines is surprising. 

Chardonnay – that world-renowned grape variety – is used to make the vineyard’s great white wines. The soil of choice for elaborating these wines is located in the far north of the vineyard and to the southwest of Villefranche-sur-Saône.

Appealing aromatic Beaujolais profiles

In the glass, the golden colour of Beaujolais whites charms the eye before enchanting the nose with their hints of citrus and white flesh fruit. On the palate, they are full-bodied with a pleasant finish. They are known for being delicate and refreshing.

As for Beaujolais Villages whites, they stand out for their floral and mineral notes, as well as their nice aromatic intensity. Some of these wines can be cellared a few years to express their complexity and intensity.

Easy-to-serve wines

Fish and white meat are the obvious pairing choices, but whites from the Beaujolais and Beaujolais Villages AOCs are as good with appetizers as they are with a fish or rabbit starter, for example. They also bring out the best in goat cheese or desserts like red fruit zabaglione or exotic fruit tiramisu, and are sure to jazz up a chestnut tart.

They’ll reveal all their aromatic potential at a temperature between 10-12°C. 

Now that we’ve made your mouth water, your job is to lay your hands on a good bottle!