• Beaujolais bistrots, the app

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  • Beaujolais white wines: the rare find

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  • Discover the “white pearl” of the Beaujolais region

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  • Beaujolais white wines: the rare find

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  • Chiroubles appellation : infinitely gourmet

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  • Beaujolais, accessible wines

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What's happening in the Beaujolais region

Coming to Beaujolais: Lyon's winegrowing area

Tempted by a food and wine break in a lively and friendly atmosphere? The Beaujolais region is "THE place to be" for your foodie holidays. Car, plane, train… Hop into your favourite means of transport and pop over to the south-east corner of France to discover the fabulous winegrowing landscapes, the villages of Pierre Dorées (Golden Stones) country and try out the specialities and wines of the Beaujolais region.

Lyon is a city where three great rivers flow: the Rhône, the Saône and the BEAUJOLAIS”  Léon Daudet

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Eating and drinking isn't a sin

A Beaujolais red with Stuffed Mushrooms with pink peppercorns

Here is Wine & Food pairing that will surprise you : The mariage of a Beaujolais red with Stuffed Mushrooms with pink peppercorns.

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